Bonding is the application of a tooth-colored composite resin (plastic) to repair a decayed, chipped, fractured, discolored tooth, to make teeth appear longer, and as a cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings. Bonding can be done in a single visit to Dr. Basil.  She performs this service in her West Hartford dental office and her New Britain dental office.  And it's no secret, she's one of the best in the business in this service.  

The first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Basil so you can discuss your treatment goals. Dr. Basil will use a shade guide to select the composite resin color that matches the color, of the tooth or teeth, most closely.  Her precision in this process is unparalleled.


Once Dr. Basil has chosen the color, she will slightly etch the surface of the tooth to roughen it. The tooth will then be coated lightly with a conditioning liquid, which helps the bonding material adhere.  When the tooth is prepared, Dr. Basil will then apply the tooth-colored, putty-like resin. The resin is molded and smoothed until it's the proper shape. Then the material is hardened with an ultraviolet light or laser.

After the bonding material hardens, Dr. Basil will further trim and shape it, and polish the material until it matches the sheen of the rest of the tooth surface.

The procedure usually takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete. If you're having more than one tooth done, you may need to schedule more time or additional visits.