Invisalign Results

This 27-year-old female was unhappy that her upper and lower jaws seemed to be misaligned. This caused her upper teeth to bite on the inside of her lower teeth, and she could tell it was causing excessive wear. This issue could also cause gum disease and bone loss. Her Invisalign treatment lasted approximately nine months. Images courtesy of Invisalign®

This 38-year-old female was concerned that her upper teeth overlapped her lower teeth too much. Not only is this a cosmetic issue, but it can lead to health problems later in life, so she was anxious to get it fixed. She was treated with Invisalign in approximately 20 months. Images courtesy of Invisalign®

They say "A picture is worth a thousand words."  If you're curious about how effectively Invisalign® can treat your case, take a look at a few success stories of previous Invisalign patients. Each of these individuals had their own unique orthodontic and dental issues that were successfully treated with Invisalign.

Because all patients are unique, treatment results vary, but our experience with Invisalign is that it is one of the best tools on the market for both Teens and Adults.

This-26-year old female believed there wasn't enough room within her jaw for all of her teeth to fit normally.  Left untreated, overly crowded teeth can cause dental decay, and increase in the chances of gum disease, and can prevent the normal function of teeth. She was treated with Invisalign over the course of approximately 10 months. Images courtesy of Invisalign®

Gapped Teeth
This 56-year-old male was concerned that his teeth were abnormally spaced and very far apart. While this might just seem unattractive, spacing issues in teeth can also cause some periodontal diseases. His Invisalign treatment lasted approximately 10 months. Images courtesy of Invisalign®